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Welcome to the website of the Zelfgemaakte Markt!

The Zelfgemaakte Markt, or ZGM for short, is a lovely creative market in Utrecht. Everything that is sold is handmade. It is a great market to find the the best products of wonderful local crafters, designers, artists and so on.

The markets are usually open air and there is no entry fee. There is always someone who heats up our caffeine, always something to snack* and a place where you can sit and regain you shopping strength. There are so many amazing people who provide the extra’s at the markets: if you’re lucky you’ll find a musician pleasing you ears with some (selfmade) music, sometimes masseuses offer their services, there can be workshops, story tellers (usually in Dutch) etc etc.

Do you make things yourself and do you want to sell or show them at our market? Great! You can apply for a stand. We will let you know if we have a stand for you within a month. We make a selection from all the people who want to participate, we try to get a good, diverse, original spectrum of products.

Got any questions? Google translate does an OK job translating our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you still have a question, you can mail us through our contact form.

PS. The best translation for the Zelfgemaakte Markt is the Made It Myself Market. 

Is this page missing information? Let us know through the contact form, of leave a comment below.

(*there are always vegetarian and vegan options)

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